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Mr. Bean—The Exam

Mr. Bean always cracks me up! Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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Quite possibly the best robot dancer ever!

more about "Bikes Bugs and Bones", posted with vodpod Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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Out of step

Ever since I stopped racing, I’ve become gradually less concerned about what’s going on in the local scene. It’s not that I don’t care, but more that it just doesn’t seem relevant. Actually, I don’t feel relevant. There seems to … Continue reading

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No longer a theory

Police: Victim in Pfizer shooting lied about attack Well, well, what a surprise!  Pfizer “shooting victim”, 45-year old Lori Jefferis, has been arrested for falsely claiming that an armed attacker shot her in the foot while at work. Police have concluded … Continue reading

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Just a theory

There have been few updates regarding the shooting at the Pfizer campus in Chesterfield (for which I was interviewed). On Saturday it was reported that police found the gun in the building where the shooting occurred. Police still have not … Continue reading

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My 7 seconds of fame

Source: KSDK.com | St. Louis, MO | Video Center more about “KSDK.com | St. Louis, MO | Video Center“, posted with vodpod Apparently I was also on KMOV Channel 4 – a longer clip from the interview (click the link … Continue reading

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2008 TdF – what’s HOT, what’s NOT

I don’t pretend to have near the insight in professional bike racing as Phil, Paul, and Bobke, but I can’t help making a few observations as the 2008 Tour de France enters its first rest day. In the tradition of … Continue reading

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