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Let Tim sell your stuff!

Tim “TK” Kakouris has been around the St. Louis cycling scene for as long as anybody.  A former professional BMX racer who enjoyed high national rankings, he went on to rule the local mountain bike scene for many years, notoriously dropped … Continue reading

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Another Trophy

I was going through some papers on my desk recently and found the citation that was issued to me back in March while riding my bicycle through Frontenac.  Recall I was issued this citation by a certain Officer Barron, who had just … Continue reading

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Marquette Ride resurrection

I’ve decided to try to resurrect the old Marquette group ride. For those of you not familiar with this old classic, it started at Marquette H.S. (Clarkson & Kehrs Mill in Chesterfield) and did a 35-mile loop through some of … Continue reading

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BugMan – 1, City of Frontenac – ZERO

Dear Officer Barron, I am a respectful and law-abiding cyclist – I believe not only in cyclists rights, but also their responsibilities.  I stop at stop signs.  I ride to the right when it is safe and take the lane … Continue reading

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BBB Style Tips

Okay, I know I can never take the place of Style Man, but lately, as warm weather (tries to) return to the area, I’ve noted a few style faux pas on my rides that simply cannot go without comment: If … Continue reading

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