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My first dog bite

It was another cool (58°F) but gorgeously sunny day with little wind. I felt awesome from the start and could tell I was going to ride well, and the stats prove it – PR on 4 out of 7 climbs, … Continue reading

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The day everything changed

The following is an entry dated October 10 from my 2003 Training Log. It was my normal 22-mile lunchtime ride from Chesterfield to Frontenac along Conway and back to Chesterfield along Clayton and Baxter. I was near the end of the … Continue reading

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Back on the bike

It has been 16 days since I broke my rib, and things are finally starting to look up. My rib was (slowly) feeling a little better each day, but it wasn’t until this past Monday that I finally was able to … Continue reading

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Another broken rib

Things were going great. I was feeling better than ever, putting in lots of miles and having fun – I had a good thing going. Then, bam! I’ve got another broken rib. For once, I don’t have anybody to blame … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle…

The past three weeks have been trying to say the least. This broken rib is without question THE MOST PAINFUL injury I’ve ever had! You never realize all the things it affects – every body movement seems to begin somewhere … Continue reading

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