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Injury update & season in review

I went back for more X-rays on Friday, and the news was good – the pneumothorax is about 50% healed. I don’t really feel that much better, though. The busted rib is still very painful – I need to stay … Continue reading

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Well, I’m down for the count again – this time it’s a broken rib and pneumothorax (partially collapsed lung). It all seemed innocuous enough at first, a touch of the wheels near the end of a fast, fun, 60-mile training … Continue reading

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Like a fish out of water…

I decided to take my recent MTB fling to its next logical step – my first MTB race. A few teammates of mine convinced me that Spanish Lake would be the perfect venue to jump in and see what I … Continue reading

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Mountain Man

Needing a change of pace, I decided to pull out the old mountain bike and give it a try. I think the last time I went mountain biking was late 2005, and before that was maybe a year earlier. All … Continue reading

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