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A tough decision

No, not the upcoming presidential election (that one’s easy!). I refer, of course, to my decision whether to race next season. I first started having thoughts about taking a break from racing early this past season, and there were times … Continue reading

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Deciding on science

I hope you’ll forgive my momentary diversion into politics for this post. I’m not normally one to ‘proseletize’, and I promise to return to my normal subject matter in the next post. But at this moment we find ourselves on … Continue reading

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Basso looking for beauty

From “During this period, when there was bad news of a rider testing positive, it was something outside, because inside of me I was only looking for the beautiful things – I needed the beautiful things,” confessed Basso. What … Continue reading

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McCain comes out swinging!

Very lively debate last night – I enjoyed McCain’s ‘angry smile’ whenever Obama was talking. It saddens me to know that some of the things said by Obama supporters have ‘hurt his feelings.’ Though painted after the second debate, I … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

Two more guys added to my “Guys That Suck” list, although I have to admit that I might (just might) be jumping the gun on Frank Schleck. I’ve normally avoided adding names to the list until they actually test positive … Continue reading

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A performance to behold

An energizing bunny boosting the base at the vice presidential debate. So much winking and wonking crammed into 90 minutes was a sight to behold. Who cares what they ask? One — two — three — KICK! ©Zina Saunders 2008. … Continue reading

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GOP Education Plan

Sarah Palin, painted for Women’s Work, an online gallery exhibit of women’s political art ©Zina Saunders 2008. All rights reserved. More of these delightful illustrations can be found on Zina Saunders’ homepage.

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