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Saddle porn!

The Fizik Arione saddle I put on my LOOK 585 when I first built it started showing some wear this summer – the leather on the sides started separating from the shell up by the nose. I’ve got about 15,000 … Continue reading

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I complain about stuff. A lot, sometimes. I complain about insensitive drivers. I complain about knucklehead riders. I complain about being injured and the frustrations of not always being in top form. I complain about not getting to do this … Continue reading

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You might be a knucklhead if…

My anger didn’t do me much good. As quickly as it came, so it went. I got out the next day but was understandably tired from my angry ride. I limped along and told myself I just needed a little … Continue reading

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I rode angry today. It was great – a good sort of angry! It was that rare day when everything just came together – the weather was right, my body was right, my mood was right – I wanted to … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle…

The past three weeks have been trying to say the least. This broken rib is without question THE MOST PAINFUL injury I’ve ever had! You never realize all the things it affects – every body movement seems to begin somewhere … Continue reading

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