Another Trophy

I was going through some papers on my desk recently and found the citation that was issued to me back in March while riding my bicycle through Frontenac.  Recall I was issued this citation by a certain Officer Barron, who had just shown a puzzling lack of regard for my safety two blocks earlier by passing me and then immediately hitting the brakes in front of me going downhill into a stop sign. As fate would have it, it was him who then watched me almost get hit by yet another careless motorist that had crossed over onto the shoulder where I was riding and, in an equally puzzling display of questionable decision making, issued me a citation rather than the motorist.

There is so much that is wrong with this citation – it boggles the mind how any police officer committed to doing his job in a fair and impartial manner could have possibly issued such a thing.  No wonder the Frontenac city prosecutor promptly dismissed the case.  It seems we cyclists still have an uphill battle on our hands when it comes to enjoying the rights and protections we have under the law when even uniformed police officers seem so unconcerned about our safety and willing to unfairly lay blame when conflicts arise with motorists who also fail to respect those rights.  Until that day comes, I will hang onto this citation as a trophy from a rare victory over the forces against us. 


Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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About Ted C. MacRae

Ted C. MacRae is a research entomologist by vocation and beetle taxonomist by avocation. Areas of expertise in the latter include worldwide jewel beetles (Buprestidae) and North American longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae). More recent work has focused on North American tiger beetles (Cicindelidae) and their distribution, ecology, and conservation.
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