Injury update & season in review

I went back for more X-rays on Friday, and the news was good – the pneumothorax is about 50% healed. I don’t really feel that much better, though. The busted rib is still very painful – I need to stay on top of the Vicodin to keep it from becoming excruciating, which means I can’t drive or go to work. I can’t lay down in my bed, either, which means I’ve had to sleep in my chair (where I spend the whole day, too). Once I find a comfortable position, I don’t feel that bad, and I can walk around okay, too, but getting up, sitting down, reaching for something, coughing, laughing, blowing my nose, showering, ad infinitum are really difficult. I was hoping I would only need a few days to go back to work, but after a full week at home next week is also looking doubtful. I’m bored out of my mind sitting in this chair, and everytime I try to read something I end up falling asleep. I know it will eventually pass, but getting there is a bitch!

I thought now would be a good opportunity to review the season. Results-wise last season was better (two wins, including a championship jersey and 2nd overall at the Kansas State Time Trial) – I didn’t do as many races this season or get a “big win”, mostly because June and July were spent on hiatus while I trained for L’Etape du Tour and followed the Tour de France. I also found myself debating whether to continue Cat3 racing or get more into Masters racing and ended up straddling the fence, trying a few Masters races here and there but racing Cat3 in the bigger races. The early season did not start off well – I had gotten in a good campaign of winter training but then got sick in early spring and missed a critical training block just as the season was starting. As a result, I wasn’t quite on form by the the time State Road Race rolled around, and I ended up losing the leaders on the final climb. I did win the previous day’s time trial, but that race was disappointingly poorly attended (not to mention the promotor’s bounced check!). In June I started logging big miles with lots of climbing to train for L’Etape du Tour, including a string of four consecutive 100+ mile rides on the four weekends leading up to the race. That training paid off with a much better than expected result and an incredible three weeks of riding in France. Even better than my result was getting to say I beat Greg Lemond! Coming back from France, however, I found it hard to get motivated for the same old local 4-corner crits – they just didn’t appeal to me after conquering the Pyrrennes and riding the Mediterranean coast – so I remained on hiatus until the ABR Masters Time Trial. I thought I had a chance to win a second jersey, but my time was exactly 1 minute off the pace and I had to settle for 4th.

So anyway, here are this years results:

  • 03/31 – Hillsboro-Roubaix, Masters 50+ – 11th (dropped last lap)
  • 04/28 – Tour of St. Louis, Carondelet Criterium, Cat3 – pack finish
  • 04/28 – ToStL, Greensfelder Time Trial, Cat3 – 5th (8 seconds off)
  • 04/29 – ToStL, Forest Park Crit., Cat3 – pack (leadout for Craig)
  • 05/06 – Washington Circuit Race, Cat3 – ? (dropped 2nd lap)
  • 05/19 – Great River Rendezvous Time Trial, Cat3 – 1st (4th overall)
  • 05/20 – Missouri State Road Race, Cat3 – 14th (dropped last climb)
  • 07/16 – L’Etape du Tour – 494/~7,000 (62/~1,500 in age group)
  • 08/25 – ABR Masters National Time Trial, 50+ – 4th (6th overall)
  • 08/26 – Otterville Road Race, Masters 50+ – 8th (mechanical)
  • 10/13 – Spanish Lake MTB Race, Sport – 11th (1st-ever MTB race)
  • My only real disappointment was not getting a chance to defend my State TT title and try to extend my streak of three straight jerseys. Next year I’ll definitely want to try to start a new streak. In general, I still need to decide on Cat3 or Masters – part of me still wants to race Cat3 because of the friends that I’ve come up through the ranks with, but I also find the smaller but generally more savvy fields of Masters racing appealing. Maybe I’m just looking for a change of pace.

    About Ted C. MacRae

    Ted C. MacRae is a research entomologist by vocation and beetle taxonomist by avocation. Areas of expertise in the latter include worldwide jewel beetles (Buprestidae) and North American longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae). More recent work has focused on North American tiger beetles (Cicindelidae) and their distribution, ecology, and conservation.
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    1 Response to Injury update & season in review

    1. Bobber says:

      Really was a great season, especially L’Etape. That was just an incredible experience it sounds like to me.

      Very sorry to hear about the pain and I hope you are able to get through it. You might be interested in some discussion about vitamin C and pain by Dr. Robert Cathcart. I’ve not been in a situation to try this but you certainly are: Link…

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