Felt like doo doo, today!

The heat broke – still a tad warm (~90) but low humidity. I intended to do a tempo ride but felt like CRAP! I don’t know why – the legs were noodley from the start, like I’d taken a long break, but I hadn’t. Then I started getting side and stomach cramps. It wasn’t until the last 10 miles or so that I started feeling halfway decent. I was still able to maintain a decent pace, but certainly no hard efforts. Hopefully I’ll get this out of my system, have an easy ride tomorrow, and be in good shape for the State Criterium on Sunday (which I have absolutely no chance of winning!).

About Ted C. MacRae

Ted C. MacRae is a research entomologist by vocation and beetle taxonomist by avocation. Areas of expertise in the latter include worldwide jewel beetles (Buprestidae) and North American longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae). More recent work has focused on North American tiger beetles (Cicindelidae) and their distribution, ecology, and conservation.
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1 Response to Felt like doo doo, today!

  1. SPC Deal says:

    Hope all goes well for you today(Sunday) at the crit.

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